My birthday just passed and I got 2 microphones. So me and my brother Russell decided to record a song. Today we recorded a song I made up. I haven’t named it yet but I’ll think of a name. It took a while to get where we wanted the microphones to be and how we wanted it to sound. It was also hard to get the song itself perfect but I’m glad I did. When I first started making up the song, I thought the beginning was beautiful so I kept it. My mom really liked it as well but I couldn’t seem to make up the rest so easily. It was hard and I spent forever just playing the beginning over and over again. It didn’t come as fast as most of my other songs did. But ¬†one day, I played something that I really liked. So I kept it. Once I made that part up, I made up the rest in a flash. Now I have a very beautiful song I could do so much with.