KJ Piano Rock

University Mall

Yesterday I played at the University Mall in Orem. I was playing for 4 hours. There’s footage of part of it wich will be uploaded soon. I’ll be playing 3 more times so 4 all together. I might be planning on playing at another mall in the food court but I’m not positive. I had allot of fun playing and I can’t wait to play again. It was especially fun because I was playing during the holidays. There’s allot of footage of the audience watching in the video. I’ll have more footage the next time I play.


Battle Hymn of the Republic

Today I posted “Battle Hymn of the Republic” on Youtube. It wasn’t the same as when me and my brother recorded “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” because we did it differently. We struggled to get the video in sync But I think we did it better than we did last time. I’m not sure how people normally get it in sync but what we tried to do on this song was to have the audio playing in the background while we were filming. It was a bit hard to do but we manged it. Hopefully things will get easier as I go on. It was fun recording this song and I’m very pleased with the outcome. We have plans for are next songs to record and I just can’t wait to play them.

First time filming

I started filming a video instead of recording today. I worked on the song “Battle Hymn of the Republic”. I had to just play the song over and over again to get more angles. We did this last time as well with “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” but this time we got more angles.
Last time it was also a bit out of sync so we had to speed up or slow down some parts witch made it look funny and choppy. So this time, I listened to the song while playing. It was a bit hard to keep with the music because it’s piano music and it doesn’t have a beat it keeps. I was a little off but it’s probably fine because we took allot of videos from different angles.

Steinway Piano

Today I went to a big house with my brother Russell. There was a Steinway piano there that was used in a concert hall. People around the globe would come perform on it. It was fun recording songs on it and it sounded very nice. I played an arrangement of Happy Birthday and I played an arrangement of Battle Hymn. The Lady that lived in the house had tons of pianos and organs in her house. It also had allot of coo coo clocks. I’m very glad that I got to record on a nice piano and I hope that soon I will get to make videos for my songs and put them on Youtube.

First Time Setting Up

My birthday just passed and I got 2 microphones. So me and my brother Russell decided to record a song. Today we recorded a song I made up. I haven’t named it yet but I’ll think of a name. It took a while to get where we wanted the microphones to be and how we wanted it to sound. It was also hard to get the song itself perfect but I’m glad I did. When I first started making up the song, I thought the beginning was beautiful so I kept it. My mom really liked it as well but I couldn’t seem to make up the rest so easily. It was hard and I spent forever just playing the beginning over and over again. It didn’t come as fast as most of my other songs did. But ¬†one day, I played something that I really liked. So I kept it. Once I made that part up, I made up the rest in a flash. Now I have a very beautiful song I could do so much with.



About Myself

Hello!! I’m Kendall Jamison. I am a young musician who enjoys writing songs and playing the piano and guitar. I am planing on writing blogs about songs I put online and just talking about myself in the music industry. I have a YouTube channel called “KJ Piano Rock“. There, you can listen to music I make or arrange. I am currently working on a Christmas album called “1 AD”. I hope you enjoy!!